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PhilArt Polynucleotide


Derived from natural ingredients, PhilArt is a long-chain polynucleotide gel with bio stimulating properties. Highly tolerable and effective, this skin booster promotes hydration and skin rejuvenation, increasing skin health and quality.

PhilArt Eye Polynucleotide

PhilArt EYE Polynucleotide

PhilArt Eye is a biostimulator injectable treatment designed for the eye contour and periorbital area. This skin booster helps diminish the signs of ageing around the delicate eye area including fine lines, crows’ feet and the drooping of the upper eyelids.

PhilArt Next Polynucleotide

PhilArt Next Polynucleotide

PhilArt Next is a skin booster that combines hyaluronic acid and polynucleotides to hydrate the skin while stimulating fibroblasts to improve skin elasticity, firmness, tone and appearance. This product is particularly recommended for treating mature skin.

PhilArt Hair Polynucleotide

PhilArt Hair

PhilArt Hair is a long-chain polynucleotide gel with bio stimulating properties designed to strengthen hair and stimulate hair growth.

NucleoFill Strong

NucleoFill Strong

Nucleofill strong is a natural bio-regeneration gel designed to combat the signs of ageing. Made from high molecular weight polynucleotides (PDRNs), this injectable works well by focusing deep within the dermo-epidermal layers to target fine lines, wrinkles, dullness and skin atrophy.

NucleoFill Medium

Nucleofill Medium

NuceloFill Medium is a polynucleotide-based skin booster designed to rejuvenate the skin as well as aid in the prevention of wrinkles. With long lasting effects, it stimulates cell renewal, provides a powerful antioxidant action and deeply hydrates.

NucleoFill Soft Plus

NucleoFill Soft Plus

NucleoFill Soft Plus is a skin booster designed to target the signs of ageing around the delicate eye area by improving the skin function without the use of tear trough filler. The low molecular weight gel, derived from natural polynucleotides, targets fine lines, dark circles, under eye bags and volume loss of the periocular area.

Standard PRP Kit

Medical device (CE 2195) for the preparation of autologous platelet rich plasma to help promote and accelerate the skin’s natural rejuvenation and healing process.


Dermal Fillers

Injectables such as dermal fillers and PRP are anti-ageing treatments used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and to restore volume loss and definition.

Amalian dermal Fillers testimonial V3

I use Amalian filler for so many reasons. Firstly it integrates so well with the skin, it is easy to work with and fills evenly. My clients experience no lumpiness and I have not had any adverse events or severe cases of swelling.

Amalian Filler range

I have been using Amalian for the past 3 years now and would not use any other! I run a busy clinic solely using this range and have never had an issue, and my patients love their results young and old! Amalian fillers are suitable for all of my advanced aesthetics treatments from non-surgical rhinoplasty […]


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a simple and effective procedure indicated for deep cellular stimulation.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers

Made in Germany to the highest quality and safety requirements for patients and practitioners.

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CLINICCARE Non-Invasive Carboxytherapy

A no-downtime treatment during which carbon dioxide is infused into the skin, to increase the flow of oxygen and so improve the skin’s appearance and elasticity.

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