Globasept Wound Sol

Globasept Wound Solution is an antiseptic spray suitable for cleaning, rinsing, and keeping acute and chronic superficial wounds moist (including scratches, abrasions, cuts, insect bites, piercings, tattoos, SPMU, burns etc).

Vitasept Color Skin Antiseptic

Effective alcohol-based skin antiseptic with a natural colouring agent. Ideal for pre-procedural skin preparation and marking skin.

Vitasept FG Antiseptic Foot Spray

Vitasept FG Antiseptic Foot Spray effectively eliminates the environment suitable for developing fungal infections, reduces excessive sweating of the feet and any resulting odours.

Vitasept Antiseptic Hand Gel

99.999% effective antiseptic hand gel containing a balanced mix of alcohols combined with quaternary ammonium compounds and citrus seed oil, to ensure a wide spectrum of action.

Vitasept-H Skin Antiseptic

Effective and fast-acting alcohol-based skin antiseptic. Ideal for prepping skin before and during aesthetic procedures.