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Timeblock – 1

“Already after 4 weeks of regular use, I have much more energy throughout the day. Joint pain, which I have lived with for nearly a year, has disappeared. While colleagues have been asking: Say, have you done anything? You look so fresh.”

Timeblock – 2

I’ve been using Timeblock a little over 5 months and already my skin seems a little brighter, my hair and nails stronger and I have more overall energy throughout the day. I work on my computer a lot and lately I seem to have more focus and less fatigue.

Timeblock – 3

“Since using Timeblock, I not only look awake, but actually feel that way. A nice side effect, because my performance and concentration is higher. With TimeBlock I wake up much fresher. No more mornings with eye circles or a wrinkled face.”

Timeblock – 4

“This day and night based formula helps me look and feel my best. I get restful sleep, smooth skin, and more energy during the day so that I’m always going and glowing!”

Timeblock -5

“An amazing product, that not only makes you look great outside, but also improves my health and each cell of my body. And best of all, it is 100% natural.”

Timeblock Vital Aging Nutrition

Formulated in Switzerland, timeblock is a day and night anti-ageing nutrient complex that optimally supports cell regeneration and protection. The plant based anti-oxidants help slow down the biological ageing process, laying the foundation for a long and healthy life.


timeblock® nutritional supplements for radiance and energy during the day and rest and regeneration at night.

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CLINICCARE Non-Invasive Carboxytherapy

A no-downtime treatment during which carbon dioxide is infused into the skin, to increase the flow of oxygen and so improve the skin’s appearance and elasticity.

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