Amalian dermal Fillers testimonial V3

I use Amalian filler for so many reasons. Firstly it integrates so well with the skin, it is easy to work with and fills evenly. My clients experience no lumpiness and I have not had any adverse events or severe cases of swelling.

AMALIAN High Potency Lifting Serum

“It absorbs instantly into the skin leaving it hydrated, firm and lifted. It’s wonderful around the eye area too as it light and has a smoothing and brightening effect. I recommend it to all my clients, one of my best sellers and personal favourites!”

Amalian Lashes – Wow Aesthetics

“Amalian Lashes are a favourite with our clients here at Wow Aesthetics. We have new clients buying Amalian lashes because their friends are getting great results. And it’s great value too – lasting approx 6 months!”


Amalian Dermal Fillers

Made in Germany to the highest quality and safety requirements for patients and practitioners.

AMALIAN SF 28 macro

AMALIAN SF 28 macro is efficient volumiser filler with increased longevity for volume restoration and contouring facial features.

AMALIAN Hair Booster

AMALIAN Hair Booster targets hair loss and thinning hair by increasing the number of hair follicles in the active growth phase.


A highly effective eyelash growth serum that thickens, lengthens and darkens lashes in just 4-6 weeks.

AMALIAN High Potency Lifting Serum

AMALIAN High Potency Lifting Serum is a deep acting gel based on ultra-pure, highly concentrated Hyaluronic Acid and skin lifting curative ingredients, such as Centella Asiatica and D-Panthenol. It supplies moisture and important nutrients to stressed skin, smoothes out fine wrinkles and makes the skin look fresh and young.

AMALIAN High Potency Night Regeneration Lifting Cream

This strong anti-wrinkle hyaluron-lecithin formulation is enriched with pro Vitamin A (Retinal), which specifically stimulates the endogenous collagen synthesis in the skin. It reduces the depth of deeper wrinkles, fine wrinkles disappear and age spots are reduced. Also highly effective in the treatment of sunburn and acne.

AMALIAN High Potency Cooling Fluid & Masks

Highly effective formulation of natural active agents from Asian botanical extracts. Has an anti-inflammatory effect, cools irritated skin, reduces swelling and redness. Also ideal after sunbathing.

AMALIAN SF 14 natural lips

AMALIAN SF 14 natural lips is a low concentrated HA filler for mild lip augmentation. Available with or without lidocaine.

AMALIAN SF 16 fine

AMALIAN SF16 fine is a gentle hyaluronic acid dermal filler ideally suited for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. Available with or without lidocaine.