Ophrys Suncare

Ophrys are a new generation of physical sunblocks for daily protection against sun-induced damage and ageing.

Ophrys Always SPF40

Ophrys Always SPF40 is a mineral sunscreen which provides broad based UVA/UVB protection for the face and body.

Ophrys Sensitive SPF45

Ophrys Sensitive SPF45 is a mineral sunscreen specially formulated for sensitive skin and skin prone to breakouts, inflammation, rosacea and hyperpigmentation. Contains Niacimaide and natural glycosides for bacterium reduction.

Ophrys Light SPF45

Ophrys Light SPF45 is an anti-ageing mineral sunscreen that uses only physical sunscreen filters.

Ophrys Elegance SPF40

Ophrys Elegance is a moisturising and anti-ageing mineral facial sunblock. Suitable for all skin types it promotes skin rejuvenation.


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Made In Switzerland, Ophrys are reef-friendly physical sunblocks that offer daily protection for your skin against sun-induced damage and ageing.