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4T Medical response to BBC3 documentary ‘Under the Skin: The Botched Beauty Business’

In response to the BBC3 documentary and the online micro-needling course with Boss Babes Uni.

In response to the BBC3 documentary and the online micro-needling course with Boss Babes Uni, in which the PowerPoint slides have the 4T Medical logo, we would like to state:

Boss Babes Uni are not associated in any way with 4T Medical Ltd and we have never supplied them with our micro needling course presentation which is proprietary to 4T Medical trainers and our approved training providers only.

We would also like to state that we would never advocate an online course for micro needling. We categorically believe that all micro needling courses require hands-on, face to face, practical experience. Furthermore this course should only be undertaken by those with an NVQ Level 3 in Beauty or equivalent.

We are investigating how Boss Babes Uni acquired our presentation and are in talks with our legal team to take further action.

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