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Multipolar RF, Electroporation & Iontophoresis combined for maximum impact

Apollo Duet combines multiple technologies including 4th generation multipolar Radio Frequency, combined Electroporation and Iontophoresis, as well as a heating and cooling function.

The combination of these technologies provides an extremely effective anti-ageing treatment, as well as treating problematic skin conditions such as inflamed, irritated skin, acne, pigmentation, seborrhea, rosacea and couperose.

The dual Electroporation and Iontophoresis function is a highly effective method of introducing active substances into the dermis to repair and restore the skin and boost hydration in preparation for Radio Frequency. Electroporation opens micro-channels in the skin, while iontophoresis ‘pushes’ ionic solutions into the skin tissue enabling maximum absorption of actives. This can also be combined with a skin heating and cooling function (-20°C – +45°C) to stimulate fibroblasts and generate new collagen.

The Apollo Duet RF mode employs advanced multipolar Radio Frequency technology which emits radio frequency currents, pulsing through 4 flat electrodes to heat the water molecules in the dermis, up to a temperature of 42°C. Heating and maintaining that constant temperature for at least 5 minutes visibly firms and tightens skin. The built-in temperature sensor in the RF handle allows practitioners to safely control their patients’ skin temperature in real-time and to adjust the treatment accordingly.

The treatment itself is pain free and requires no downtime.

The Apollo Duet was designed to facilitate a very precise treatment, for outstanding results: Practitioners using Apollo Duet can precisely tune all the treatment parameters, including the technologies and active substances to be used, skin heating or cooling, intensity of radio frequency (RF) and electrical currents, and polarity of iontophoresis. By carefully setting all these parameters, the Apollo Duet treatment can be tailored to fit patients’ specific skin conditions, personal tolerance level, and the defined therapeutic goals.

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