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Carbon Neutral Plus for the 3rd year running

Carbon Neutral Plus for the 3rd year running

23 September, 2021

4T Medical Ltd has announced today that for the third consecutive year it has been certified as a Carbon Neutral Plus Organisation. Certification follows a thorough analysis of 4T Medical’s carbon footprint by independent body, Carbon Footprint Ltd. This reflects the company’s long-term commitment to sustainability and Managing Director, Julien Tordjmann, is now calling for more of the UK’s beauty businesses to ‘do their bit’ to combat greenhouse gas emissions.

Through the purchase of carbon offsets, 4T Medical will offset 153 tonnes of CO2 produced by the company’s dealings, as well as an additional 15 tonnes. This year’s contribution will help fund the REDD project which aims to help reduce deforestation in the Amazonian Rainforest in Brazil, as well as planting trees in the UK and Kenya.

In addition to the work it is undertaking to maintain its carbon plus status, 4T Medical has also become a sponsor of the Freedom Flight Prize which aims to encourage and accelerate the development of truly zero carbon emission aviation.

4T medical is keen however not to rely on just carbon offsets and states that its environmental policy is to first and foremost prevent or limit emissions. To that effect it has put in place various initiatives such as efficiency measures, reduction of single-use plastics, opting for a carbon neutral distribution courier, reducing business travel through the use of collaborative online tools and it is committed to switching to electric-powered vehicles to reduce car travel emissions.

Julien Tordjmann, Managing Director, says: “As a company, we are dedicated to protecting the planet for future generations. We took the decision 3 years ago that we needed to lead by example by taking real, concrete steps to reduce our impact on the environment. We very much hope others in our industry will follow suit.”

Always helpful, always reliable, highly knowledgeable and with excellent products at reasonable prices. What’s not to love about 4T Medical. Susan Young, Young Aesthetics