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Non-Invasive Skin Regeneration with Fluorescent Light Energy

4T Medical is proud to announce the release of Lumixa Age Control, a unique topical photoconverter gel, formulated as a regenerative treatment, leveraging the power of Fluorescent Light Energy Technology (FLE Tech) to revitalise and energise the skin. Lumixa Age Control acts deeply within the skin, targeting the signs of ageing at a cellular level.

FLE Tech was first developed by Francesco Bellini, who was the chairman of BioChem Pharma and an industry leader in HIV treatments, biopharmaceutical infectious diseases and cancer treatments. Bellini is responsible for the antiviral drug Epivir (3TC), which to this day is the cornerstone of the AIDS therapy. FLE Tech is also supported by strong scientific evidence and over 30 clinical studies.

Utilising innovative red LED light, Lumixa Age Control generates a dynamic hyper-pulsed spectrum from 600 to 800nm which activates chromophores within the gel, in turn energising the mitochondria in the skin cells. This groundbreaking process leads to enhanced cellular regeneration, combating the visible signs and symptoms of ageing and effectively reduces wrinkles by up to 74%. This treatment is ideal for patients showing signs of ageing, including perimenopausal/menopausal clients whose collagen degradation is around 3-6% per year instead of the average 1% for younger skins.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that when used in conjunction with red LED light, Lumixa Age Control can reduce the skin age by 8 years on average, delivering remarkable results without the need for needles or any downtime.

Julien Tordjmann, Managing Director, says: “We are thrilled to introduce Lumixa Age Control into the UK market. This product represents a significant advancement in skincare technology, offering a non-invasive yet highly effective solution for combating ageing skin”.

Lumixa Age Control is now available to purchase on the 4T Medical webshop and will be part of the new CPD certified LED facial skincare course provided by their registered Approved Training Providers. Other products in the range include:

  • Lumixa Skin Normaliser which acts on skin reactivity and stress and is very effective in preventing and reducing inflammation.
  • Lumixa Collagen Booster which slows down chronoageing through collagen banking.

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