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amalian Dermal Fillers

amalian Monophasic Fillers amalian Monophasic Fillers

The amalian monophasic hyaluronic acid fillers are homogenous dispersions of low cross-linked hyaluronic acid in buffer solution.Different concentrations

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amalian Monophasic Soft Gel Fillers amalian Monophasic Soft Gel Fillers

The amalian SF (Soft Filler) range is characterised by a soft, fully hydrated texture, which can be injected easily

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amalian Dermal Fillers

The innovative manufacturing method of amalian hyaluronic acid dermal fillers benefits from more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of sterile hyaluronic acid, which was used in opthalmic surgery and is characterised by extraordinary properties:

  • Ultra-pure hyaluronic acid
  • Easy injection disregarding high structural viscosity
  • Homogenous distribution in the skin
  • Excellent flow properties

Additionally, all amalian hyaluronic acid fillers offer all the advantages of a premium hyaluronic acid treatment:

  • Fully degradable
  • Free from animal components
  • Excellent biocompatibility, clinically proven
  • No allergy test required
  • Guaranteed highest quality
  • CE Certifiied