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Cebelia Skin Care

Cebelia L.C.E. Balm Cebelia L.C.E. Balm

Post-procedure repair care.

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Cebelia Extreme Care Cebelia Extreme Care

Suitable for assaulted, overheated skins with a tendency to couperosis.

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Cebelia Soothing Milk (Body & Legs) Cebelia Soothing Milk (Body & Legs)

Intensively hydrates, nourishes and soothes dry, itchy skin on the body and legs.

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Cebelia Multi-Active Cream (Hands & Nails) Cebelia Multi-Active Cream (Hands & Nails)

Enriched with sweet almond oil, this repairing treatment protects and soothes damaged hands and strengthens nails.

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Cebelia L.C.E. Regard Cebelia L.C.E. Regard

Corrects dark circles, bags and fine lines and masks imperfections.

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Cebelia Reinforced Depigmenting Cebelia Reinforced Depigmenting

Helps eliminate brown spots and evens skin tone.

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Cebelia Intensive Anti-Aging Cebelia Intensive Anti-Aging

Improves skin’s firmness, density and elasticity.

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Cebelia has been developed to enhance aesthetic procedures. Made in France with innovative patented active ingredients and tested in hospital conditions.