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Aesthetime Software

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Aesthetime is a dedicated online booking system created by the developers of iRejuvenation. The professional interface is designed to optimise your time, workflow and online visibility, as well as help you provide the very best service to your patients. While the free patient interface allows potential clients to find you through a key words search and request appointments 24/7.

Key Features

  • Create a complete professional digital profile, allowing potential clients to easily find you in search engines/social networks
  • Easily manage your appointments, availability and locations
  • Online video consultation facility
  • Tools to facilitate communication
  • Patient path management
  • Appointment payment management
  • Suitable for multi locations and multi users
  • Automatic reminders for appointments and patient birthdays
  • FREE one month trial subscription - get in touch to find out more.


For more details visit the Aesthetime website


FREE £30 / Month £300 / Year
Access practitioners profiles Edit your profile Edit your profile
Find your practitioner Manage your week Manage your week
Book appointments online Book appointments Book appointments
Access video consultation HIPAA/GDPR video consultation HIPAA/GDPR video consultation
Pay for your consultation online Receive payments online Receive payments online
See your consultation history Follow-up your patients Follow-up your patients
  24/7 Customer Support 24/7 Customer Support




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