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Zeus Multi-frequency Duty Cycle ESU

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Zeus™ is a multi-frequency plasma/electrosurgical generator for use in many fields such as aesthetic medicine, dermatology, or dentistry where it offers a safe, minimally invasive and effective treatment.

A Class IIb Medical Device, Zeus has flexible settings that can be adapted to individual patient’s conditions such as skin sensitivity, skin hydration and age, allowing total control of the treatment. Exclusively for medical practitioners.

How it works

Zeus utilises micro-plasma technology which involves the ionisation of gases to create a small electrical beam to modify the skin by sublimation without actually touching the skin. This stimulates the instant contraction of skin fibres giving an immediate tightening and lifting effect to the area and promoting skin rejuvenation, without damage to the surrounding or deeper structures of the skin. Healing is quick and scar-free, and the results are long lasting.

Accurate and safe, Zeus can treat a multitude of conditions which can sometimes prove difficult to treat with other technologies. It can be used in isolation or as an addition to other treatments. Zeus is even suitable for use in the operating room and coagulation cautery.

It enables the practitioner to perform a procedure on skin that has both poor and regular heat conductivity, by not only modulating power and frequency, but also the duty cycle.  This allows the practitioner, to vary the settings according to skin type, skin hydration, age and treatment type, with total control of the treatment. 

Key Advantages

  • CE Medical (CE0476)
  • Offers excellent aesthetic results
  • Very versatile and easy to use with a light hand-piece and foot pedal operation
  • Uses standard electrodes (that allows a very large choice)
  • Battery and/or 100-240V direct power operation
  • Adjustable power setting and frequency setting
  • Adjustable duty cycle
    • Minimizes pain during surgery and lessens post-operative healing time
    • Expands the applications for use over many different surgery types
    • Reduces post-operative complications and side effects
    • Gives greater control of the micro-coagulation of the treated area
    • No burns
    • No transfer of electromagnetic fields to the human body

ZEUS Applications

There are many suitable applications for the Zeus Multi-frequency Duty Cycle ESU including:

Aesthetic medicine/surgery

Non-surgical and/or surgical blepharoplasty, face and neck mini-lifting, dynamic lines, wrinkles, perioral lines, skin spot removal, xanthelasma, small neoformations (seborrheic warts, dyskeratosis, fibroids), scars, acne and acne scars, tattoo removal, stretch marks.


Actinic keratosis, adenoma sebaceum, angiokeratoma, angiomas, condyloma acuminatum, keratoacanthoma, molluscum contagiosum, warts, seborrheic keratosis.

Vascular surgery

Spider nevus, face telangiectasias, varicose veins, venous lakes, angiomas.

Dental and oral surgery

Apioectomy, buccal gingival cavity, cysts, mucous, dentin desensitization, frenotomy, haemostasis, gingivectomy, root canal sterilization.

Gynaecology, urology and proctology

Vaginal cysts, condyloma of the vulva, cervical polyps, anal fissures, haemorrhoids, ischiorectal abscesses and fistulas, vasectomies.


Chalazion, entropion, xanthelasma.


Adenoid-hypertrophied remnants, epistaxis, pharyngitis, nasal polyps, tonsil tag destruction, turbinate shrinkage.

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