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Honey Derma PDO Thread Cogging Screw

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The Honey Derma Cogging Screw thread is a revolutionary embedding polydioxanone suture and ligature thread, with cogs and barbs formed during manufacture.

Cogging Screw illustrationWhy Choose Honey Derma Cogging Screws

A revolutionary thread, with cogs and barbs, the Honey Derma Cogging Screw thread is wound around a needle with a grip part and retention thread. The long lasting absorbable threads are very adaptable and cause less trauma due to being more superficial than 3D Cogs. While the barbs allow gentle localised lifting, volumising and contouring of the face and body. Also ideal for combination treatments with all other Honey Derma threads.

What can be treated with Cogging Screws?

  • The lower face.
  • For brow lift, in combination with 3D Cogs when one screw could be used between two 3D Cogs or as an extra vector of two threads, laterally to 3D Cogs.
  • For mid face to offer smaller vectors, particularly for mid face areas where zygomatic major and minor create smile lines.
  • For jaw line and neck (3, 4 on each side).
  • For body contouring (stomach, above knees).

Our guarantee

  • Received the safest 4th rank (the highest rank) by the KFDA (Korean Food and Drug Administration)
  • CE marked.
  • Medical bio absorbable polymer. (Polydioxanone (PDO) polymer particles, Absorbable surgical suture, Absorbable bone fixation)
  • SAMYANGSA Suture
  • Non toxic
  • Heavy metal free
  • Non-pyrogenic

Sizes Available

Needle Polydioxanone.

Needle Polydioxanone
GAUGE Length (mm) USP Length (mm)
25G 60 5-0 185


Quantity: Pack of 4

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