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Cebelia Intimate Depigmenting Peel

Cebelia Intimate Depigmenting Peel corrects and helps prevent future discolouration, dark spots and uneven skin tone in the external intimate regions of the body and friction areas such as the underarms.

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The genital area has the highest concentration of melanocytes in the body and a weaker barrier function. This makes it more prone to hyperpigmentation which can be triggered by a number of factors including hormonal changes, hair removal (such as waxing and laser), friction caused by tight-fitting clothes and medication.

Cebelia Intimate Depigmenting Peel is a specialised peel aimed at brightening and rejuvenating the sensitive intimate areas, such as genital and peri-genital area (outer labia, mons pubis, perineum, perianal area, inner thighs) and friction areas (groin, breast and underarms).

The superficial peel contains a high concentration of active ingredients including patented Pekaline, fruit acids (Lactic and Mandelic acids), Tranexamic acid and Azelaic acid. These work together to provide a soft exfoliation and effectively regulate melanin production, in order to reduce discolouration and restore a more even skin tone.

Strictly reserved for professional use only.

  • A gentle peel adapted for the external intimate area, inner thighs, groin and underarms
  • Provides a soft exfoliation and rejuvenation of the skin surface
  • Visibly reduces and diminishes pigmentary spots (existing and spots in formation)
  • Contains patented Pekaline and fruit acids
  • Sterile, single-use product
  • Safe, non-invasive, quick and easy treatment to perform (for professional use only)
  • Has a physiological pH of 4.5
  • Fragrance free
Suitable for men and women and all skin types. Strictly reserved for professional in-clinic use only.
  • Pekaline (6.7%) – exclusive patented active ingredient that inhibits Protein Kinase A (PKA) and therefore the production of melanin. It also acidifies the pH in melanosomes which disturbs melanin maturation.
  • Tranexamix Acid (5%) – Disrupts melanin development by blocking interactions between melanocytes and keratinocytes which helps reduce areas of discolouration.
  • Glutathione (0.5%) – Anti-oxidising effect and inhibits tyrosinase resulting in a brightening effect.
  • Azelaic Acid (10%) – Regulates keratinisation and inhibits tyrosinase which brightens the skin and prevents dead skin cells accumulating.
  • Lactic Acid (9%) – Acts as a gentle exfoliator and has a keratolytic action which is adapted to sensitive skins. Also improves the smoothness and softness of skin.
  • Mandelic Acid (4%) – Has the biggest AHA molecules derived from bitter almonds, making it suitable for sensitive areas. It provides a soft exfoliation and improves the appearance of skin.
For professional use only. Please refer to protocol. For topical application on the external intimate area and friction areas of the body such as the outer labia, groin, inner thighs  and underarms. Recommended: 3 to 5 consecutive sessions spaced 7 days apart to achieve an optimal result. Maintenance: 1 session per year on average.
Alcohol Denat, Propylene Gylcol, Azelaic Acid, Lactic Acid, Peg-8, Tranexamic Acid, Isopropyl Alcohol, Mandelic Acid, Peg-35 Castor Oil, Aqua/Water, Glutathione, 4-Butylreaorxinol, Bromophenyl Propenaminoethyl Isoquinolinesulfonamide Hcl.
Box of 10 x 3ml vials



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Cebelia Intimate Depigmenting Peel

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