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MSTA Skincare Training Academy

Advanced luxury skincare training for everyday women looking to transform their lives.

Kirsty Schuman is a skincare specialist from the UK who dropped out of school and headed straight for a career in the beauty industry.

Five years of training, testing, practical learning and iterating led Kirsty on a path from £0 (literally) to launching her own skincare business, then her cosmetics clinic, Model Standards, and now her own training academy, MSTA.

MSTA Skincare Training Academy exists to help people around the world to start & grow their business as a highly paid skincare specialist.

We teach our proprietary skincare treatment process to enable skincare specialists to deliver world-class skincare transformations, as well as business development courses to help skincare professionals to get more out of their business & life.


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CLINICCARE Non-Invasive Carboxytherapy

A no-downtime treatment during which carbon dioxide is infused into the skin, to increase the flow of oxygen and so improve the skin’s appearance and elasticity.

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