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4T Medical goes Carbon Neutral in attempt to tackle climate crisis

4T Medical Ltd has announced today that it has become a carbon neutral organization.

This has been achieved primarily by offsetting its current emissions. It has partnered with Carbon Footprint Ltd to plant trees in local schools. The trees are native broad leaf species and will not only offset its emissions but increase wildlife habitats and support biodiversity. In addition, for every one tree planted in the UK, one tonne of CO2 is offset through a Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) project in the Brazilian Amazon. This includes projects working to prevent unplanned deforestation in the largest remaining rainforest on our planet.

As a next step in its long-term commitment to sustainability, 4T Medical has set itself the goal of becoming carbon negative by 2021. It has put in place several initiatives which include reducing its impact through energy efficiency, transportation and travel efficiency as well as compensating for unavoidable CO2 emissions with carbon offsets.

Julien Tordjmann, Managing Director, says: “Having a net zero carbon footprint is a major milestone for 4T Medical. As the climate crisis escalates, I am very proud that we are taking responsibility for the carbon emissions resulting from our operations. We have a number of other schemes planned to minimize our impact on the environment and we very much hope others in our industry will follow suit.”

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