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4T Medical launch Ophrys Sun Care range

4T Medical has launched the Ophrys Sun care range – leading with its Ophrys ‘Facial Protect (SPF46)’ for people with sensitive or troubled skin conditions like acne or rosacea.

The ‘Facial Protect (SPF46)’ cream contains Niacinamide and Lactic Acid to refine the surface of the skin, making it an excellent facial SPF for acne-prone, sensitive and hyperpigmentation-prone skin types.

Made in Switzerland, the Ophrys range uses a highly effective and modern combination of chemical and mineral UV filters, including Titanium Dioxide, to successfully defend the skin against sun-induced ageing, inflammation and cell damage. These active sunblocks are stable to radiation and do not permeate the skin’s surface.

As well as including specialist UV blockers, the Ophrys range uses a unique film-forming agent known as polymethylmethacrylate which ensures maximum, flexible coverage over the skin and adds another layer of protection. The percentage of ingredients in each sunscreen have also been selected to optimise the level of protection against both UVB and UVA wavelength radiation, which is why the range can confidently claim to offer broad spectrum protection.

The Ophrys sun care range has been designed to also offer more targeted benefits for differing skin needs. In addition to ‘Facial Protect (SPF46)’, 4T Medical will be sole UK/Ireland distributor for:

‘Face (SPF30)’ – for normal and drier skin types, the ‘Face (SPF30)’ contains added Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E to ensure light nourishment that keeps the skin feeling healthy.
‘Active (SPF50)’ features the highest factor protection in the range. Designed to offer reliable coverage during active periods outdoors, it is suitable for all skin types and ages – it’s even suitable for children.

Julien Tordjmann, Managing Director, 4T Medical commented: “We are delighted to extend our offering with such a quality Swiss product from Ophrys. Our customers tell us there is a demand for sun care for specialist customer needs like sensitive skin complaints. Using an Ophrys sunscreen will lower the risk of sun damage and minimise the visible signs of ageing, whilst working hard to protect sensitive or troubled skin.”

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