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New Depigmenting Hand Cream

Say goodbye to those noticeable brown spots and say hello to softer, youthful-looking hands! Introducing the latest innovation from Cebelia: Anti-Brown Spots Hand Cream, especially formulated to fade and prevent the appearance of pigmented spots on hands including age spots, sun damage and liver spots. The targeted treatment, made with Cebelia’s advanced formula is specifically developed to even skin tone and help prevent the signs of ageing.

With preventative and corrective properties, the hand cream is packed with powerful active ingredients including Cebelia’s patented depigmenting ingredient: Pekaline. Exclusive to Cebelia, Pekaline has been shown to disrupt the production of melanin by inhibiting Protein Kinase A (PKA) and acidifying the pH in melanosomes. Added skin-conditioning ingredients are Allantoin which helps regenerate damaged skin; Sweet Almond Oil which soothes skin irritation and reduces anti-inflammatory activity, whilst replenishing the epidermis; and Glycerin which hydrates and reduces moisture loss.

The nourishing but lightweight formula absorbs quickly into the skin, ensuring that you can go about your daily activities without any greasy or sticky residue on your hands. Use daily to reduce pigmentation and discolouration, brighten skin, and deliver essential hydration.

Cebelia Anti-Brown Spots Hand Cream can also be used once or twice a week as a nourishing mask. Simply apply a thick layer to dry hands for deep skin hydration and softer, smoother hands that appear younger.

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