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New PDO Thread Cogging Screws

New PDO Thread Cogging Screws have been added to the Honey Derma PDO Thread lift range. The Cogging Screw Thread is a revolutionary embedding Polydioxanone suture and ligature thread, with cogs and barbs formed during manufacture and wound around a needle with a grip part and retention thread.

Easy to insert and more superficial than a standard 3D Cog, Cogging Screws are ideal for the following indications:

  • The lower face.
  • For brow lift, in combination with 3D Cogs.
  • For mid face to offer smaller vectors, particularly for mid face areas where zygomatic major and minor create smile lines.
  • For jaw line and neck.
  • For body contouring (stomach, above knees).

The Honey Derma PDO Treads are CE certified and have received the safest 4th rank (the highest rank) by the KFDA.

4T Medical offer PDO Thread lift training for medical professionals at venues across the UK. The courses are accredited by CPD and all major insurance companies.

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