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Quatron Length-Adjustable Multi Needle

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A high quality multi-needle with four 34G or 31G needles and an adjustable depth of up to 4mm.

The innovative Quatron multi-needle enables 4 injections to be carried out at one time with an adjustable needle depth of up to 4mm. This allows for safer, quicker and more controlled injections when a larger surface area needs to be treated.

Key Features

  • 4 points of insertion at one time
  • Easy control of needle insertion depth up to 4mm
  • Available in 34G and 31G fine needles
  • Perpendicular insertion
  • Made in Japan, the high quality needles are precision made under ISO 13485 quality control

Key Benefits

  • Less invasive and shorter downtime (less pain, bleeding and bruising)
  • Quicker treatment time (using Quatron significantly reduces the number of injections)
  • Broader delivery of injectables
  • Easy change of needle length according to patient and applied area
  • Requires less extrusion force for viscous fluids (meso) or fibrotic skin
  • Perpendicular insertion allows an easy, quick, accurate and stable injection, even into shallow skin layer


Cross-section of swine skin after fluid injection. Quatron delivers fluids to broader area:

QUATRON length-adjustable multi needle compared to a conventional single needle:

Quatron needle compared to single conventional needle


Suitable For

The Quatron Length-Adjustable Multi Needle is suitable for the controlled and broad injection of mesotherapy, PRP, local anaesthesia, botulinum toxin for hyperhidrosis, steroid injections for keloids and alopecia areata.

Quantity: Box of 10


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