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AMALIAN SF 20 medium

AMALIAN SF 20 medium Hyaluronic Acid gel is a perfect "all-round" dermal filler ideally suited for the treatment of moderate lines and wrinkles. Available with or without lidocaine.

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What is AMALIAN SF 20 medium?

Due to its excellent flow characteristics, injections with AMALIAN SF 20 medium are very gentle and atraumatic, while its soft texture means the gel distributes evenly and is very forgiving. The result is a natural lifting effect that lasts 9 to 12 months.

This fully hydrated gel is suitable for almost every application, except for the glabella. AMALIAN SF 20 medium can also be used very successfully for moderate lip augmentation and for touch-ups after injection of AMALIAN SF 24 advanced to optimise results and prolong effects.  It should be injected into the upper to middle dermis.

amalian SF20 fine is recommended for:

Needle size: 27G

Quantity: 1ml or 2ml syringe

amalian filler treatment recommendations

acne scars

deep perioral lines

nasolabial wrinkles

marionette lines

moderate lip augmentation


Designed by experts. Made in Germany

AMALIAN dermal fillers have been developed by S&V Technologies. A dynamic company with over 20 years experience in the manufacture of sterile Hyaluronic acid, that comprises a team of experts with comprehensive knowledge in the research and development of new biomaterials in the area of aesthetic medicine. All products are “Made in Germany” and meet the highest quality and safety requirements for patients and practitioners.

amalian HA dermal fillers are characterised by the following properties:
  • Ultra-pure Hyaluronic acid
  • Smooth injection and excellent flow properties
  • Homogenous distribution in the skin
  • Fully hydrated gel
  • Immediate effect
Additionally, all AMALIAN Hyaluronic acid fillers offer all the advantages of a premium Hyaluronic acid treatment:
  • Fully degradable
  • Free from animal components
  • Excellent biocompatibility, clinically proven
  • No allergy test required
  • Guaranteed highest quality
  • CE marked
AMALIAN SF20 medium is recommended for: Nasolabial wrinkles Marionette wrinkles Acne scars Deep perioral lines Moderate lip augmentation
Injection should be made into the upper to middle dermis. If using a cannula, we recommend FMC 25G 50mm or 25G 40mm.
1ml or 2ml pre-filled syringe (with or without lidocaine) Needle size: 27G



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AMALIAN SF 20 medium

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AMALIAN SF 20 medium