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amalian natural beauty systems

An exclusive range of mono-phasic and bi-phasic dermal fillers manufactured in Germany to the highest industry standards and based on a new patented technology (CIS).

amalian LASHES

A highly biocompatible solution enriched with a hyaluronic acid complex, designed to nourish and boost eyelashes.

amalian skincare

The amalian skin care range is highly effective composed of natural ingredients and contains a deep acting hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers Natural Beauty Systems amalian Lashes High Potency Skincare Range of Flexible Cannulae 32G

Welcome to 4T medical

4T medical is the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for amalian natural beauty systems.

Quality Products

Our company, which is located near Cambridge, focuses on supplying quality products that meet the highest manufacturing standards. All the products in our current portfolio have been rigorously tested, and are produced in Western Europe by established and reputable manufacturers.

Our responsibility

As a supplier, we are firmly committed to sound professional ethics. We believe it is our moral obligation to strictly control supply, ensuring that only qualified professionals have access to our range of medical devices.

Distribution Strategy

We believe that market saturation is not the right approach for our skincare and cosmetic products. We favour strong partnerships with a degree of exclusivity. We want our partners to benefit from our premium brands and understand their need to differentiate themselves in a competitive industry. We are firmly committed to our customers and understand that mutual support is of paramount importance for a successful business.

Excellence in Service

We want to build long-term partnerships with our customers and to provide outstanding value and support. Our aim is to deliver a highly professional, easy, efficient and friendly service for all our customers.

We want to make the whole experience enjoyable…

Please browse through our website to familiarise yourself with our products and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.