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New Zeus portable multi-frequency plasma / electrosurgical device

New Zeus portable multi-frequency plasma / electrosurgical device

27 February, 2019

Aesthetic product supplier 4T Medical has announced the launch of Zeus – a portable multi-frequency plasma / electrosurgical device - into the UK. 

The Zeus device, engineered and manufactured in Italy, can perform both surgical and non-surgical procedures in fields such as aesthetic medicine, dermatology, vascular surgery, dentistry and gynaecology.  

A Class IIb Medical Device (CE0476), the Zeus has flexible settings allowing the practitioner to have complete control over frequency, duty cycle and power settings and tailor these to individual patient’s conditions such as skin type, skin hydration and age.

The Zeus allows for a minimally invasive treatment that uses long-wave frequency which provides a focused micro-plasma arc between the device and tissue to be treated.  This allows, for example, the removal of skin blemishes, the improvement of eye bags and wrinkles in different anatomical areas and the treatment of certain dermatological diseases amongst many other applications.  It can also be used in the operating room for surgical procedures where cutting and cauterization are required.

Foot pedaled operated, the Zeus is easy to use and requires standard electrodes. It works by ionizing the atmospheric gases present in the gap between the device and tissue in order to generate a plasma arc.  Depending on the treatment the pencil can be used in spray (cauterization) or continuous mode (cutting).  This plasma arc sublimates the superficial layers of skin without causing major thermal injuries to the surrounding or deeper structures of the skin.

Because Zeus has a relatively low-power modality and thanks to the adjustable duty cycle, it can be used for minor skin surgery such as very small nevus removal or skin tag removal without the need for local anaesthetic.

Julien Tordjmann, Managing Director, 4T Medical commented: “Zeus is unique to 4T’s offering as it is a device that gives our customers the opportunity to offer a large breadth of surgical and non-surgical applications.  Our customers tell us it gives them excellent control over procedures and the results have been fantastic.  It is a reliable and safe solution for patients.” 

I have been using products from 4T Medical for over 2 years now. The customer care provided is second to none and I have always been impressed by the products and rapidity of delivery. The training provided has also been excellent, thorough, with good notes, extensive practical sessions & aftercare. Dr Ros Debenham, Radiance MediSpa